Decision Engineering

Complex and high stakes decisions require the right data, information, and knowledge to support them. Even with a plethora of data, it can be tough to figure out what’s most important and how to use the information you have to analyze possible solutions. If too little situational information, too much data, or decision fatigue is getting in the way, we can help clear the path.

Using proven tools and methodologies, our expert data quality engineers, data scientists, data analysts, and decision engineers unlock the trusted information and evidence you need to make sound, defensible decisions.

Analytic Design and Development

When it comes to big, long-term issues, it’s fascinating to admire a decision-making problem. Examining the many sources of data and information. Weighing priorities and resources. Worrying about what you don’t know. But that doesn’t change anything.

Our team doesn’t just admire the problem; we help you come up with a solution.
Most decisions are influenced by five to seven key factors. Our decision engineering experts work with you to create a repeatable model for identifying those factors and making sound, operational decisions in your environment. We help you:

  • Break down all decision factors that matter to your organization
  • Organize your situation – policies, culture, data, and other relevant
    information – in a way that’s useful to you
  • Analyze alternatives, to find a solution that fits
  • Operationalize your policies, systems, and processes to ensure
    enforcement consistency

You have the information, processes, and policies to make your next decision – and future decisions – with confidence.

Data Quality Management

Reliable, valid data is a cornerstone for good decision making. But much of today’s operational data is dispersed across multiple systems, inconsistently formatted, and variably reliable.

Our data quality experts can help you identify, collect, and transform the data you need to deliver executive insight. We work with your team to ensure that your data is free of errors and anomalies – and available how and when you need it – so you know your decisions are modeled on relevant, accurate data you can trust.

Knowledge Systems

Policy and program leaders recognize that personnel at all levels in the organization make decisions about tough operational problems every day. Keeping those distributed decisions aligned with organizational goals, though, requires clear decision-making policies – and reliable systems to support them.

We help you codify your decision-making model into system logic and business rules, to guide and track decisions. Your mission leaders and other decision makers can use these knowledge systems to access the information and data they need, then step through each decision according to process rules and logic.

It’s a smart way to manage descriptive, predictive, and/or prescriptive analytic models. The systems capture the process and activity, so no one has to wonder about or defend outcomes.

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Our Data Scientists rely on proven tools and technologies to deliver effective decision engineering solutions, including:

• Decision Lens
• Excel
• Jupyter
• Python
• R
• Tableau
… and more.

• Decision Analysis
• Optimization Models
• Statistical Modeling
… and other operations research-related


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Systems Engineering

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