Systems Engineering

All too often, outdated, underutilized, or overly customized technology systems get in the way of mission success. Using a problem-solving approach to your mission challenges and your operational technology ecosystem, our systems engineers design and integrate technologies to architect practical IT solutions that work today and scale for tomorrow.

Needs and Opportunity Analysis

From opportunity analysis, use case development, and process development through functional and system requirements definition, our experts help you capture and analyze your mission and technology requirements.

    System Analysis and Control

    Choosing one implementation path means not selecting another. Through modeling, simulation, verification, and risk management, we help you weigh your options, so you can make the best decision for your goals, timeline, and resources.

    Production Planning and Management

    After reviewing your resources and processes, we help you align and allocate your human and technical resources for a more effective approach to project delivery.

      Systems Integration and Continuous Improvement

      We guide IT system modernization and integration across your enterprise to support essential operational changes that fit your mission and system requirements. From agile development and testing through deployment and stakeholder adoption, we help guide your system lifecycle management with a framework for monitoring and iterative improvement.

        Balance Autonomy and Accountability

        The sweet spot of systems engineering is being able to to the developers freedom to do what they need to do to deliver while at the same time be accountable to delivering solutions to customers’ requirements.

        • Agile
        • Scrum
        • SAFe
        • DODAF
        • Iterative


        Cyber Defense

        Decision Engineering

        Innovation Management

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