Decisions Oriented untangles complexities and unleashes insights for practical, informed solutions that drive operational success.

Cyber Operations and Compliance

Whether you’re aiming for Level One NIST 800-171 compliance or shoring up your cybersecurity operations, it can be daunting to keep up. Our cyber engineers and analysts support cybersecurity and compliance leaders in defining and following a path to comply and operate with confidence.

• Defense Operations and Cyber Risk Management
• Incident Response Planning, Recovery Planning
• Governance Risk and Compliance

Innovation Management

When mission and technology leaders seek solutions for operational challenges, sometimes those solutions don’t (yet) exist. Our innovation management experts are skilled at leading your process of exploring ideas, identifying viable options, and developing sustainable solutions that work.

• Design Facilitation
• Lean Innovation

Decision Engineering

Mission leaders making complex and high stakes decisions often face too little situational information, too much data, or decision fatigue that gets in the way. Our data scientists and decision engineers unlock the trusted information and evidence you need to make sound, defensible decisions.

• Analytic Design and Development
• Data Management
• Knowledge Systems

Systems Engineering

All too often, outdated, underutilized, or overly-customized technology systems get in the way of mission success. Using a problem-solving approach to your mission challenges and your operational technology ecosystem, our systems engineers architect practical IT solutions that work today and scale for tomorrow.

• Needs and Opportunity Analysis
• System Analysis and Control
• Production Planning and Management
• Systems Integration and Continuous Improvement

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